Petdrop club

We're not awful


Heck is PetDrop Club?

A good bad idea.

iOS's AirDrop feature enables users with Bluetooth-enabled devices to "drop" images, files, and other digital miscellany to each other over the "air" without a shared network connection, because Bluetooth.

This feature has reportedly been used to facilitate semi-anonymous stranger danger in the form of unwanted, negative, public dispatch. This happened (and happens) because (1) people are not always nice, and (2) sometimes, users are less than stellar when it comes to device privacy.

Well, that's dumb.

Join PetDrop Club: find strangers with insecure inbound AirDrop settings, and send them kind, fluffy reminders that some people are nice, and maybe also to update their settings.

Up to you whether to gamble against the house and leave your own phone open. I do.

Please Summarize.

Reward strangers for their lack of device privacy by sending them pictures of your dog.

Turn this...


...into this:


There's a google group.

PetDrop Club is on Google Groups, although I'm not quite sure why.

Hit the button below to join, presumably to meet others who also want to send pictures of their pets to strangers for no good reason.

This is the goal, more or less.

This is your phone.

This is your phone.

This is a stranger's phone.

This is a stranger's phone.

This is a stranger after seeing a dog.

This is a stranger after seeing a dog.

This is also a stranger.

This is also a stranger.